30 T-Shirts You Gotta Have From 30 Movies You Love

by on Feb 17, 2017

“You cannot truly understand someone until you focus on that person’s T-shirt.” -Ancient Proverb

Alright, so that’s not a real proverb, but it is true that the t-shirt you wear says a lot about you. T-shirts are like tattoos with less commitment. When you walk into a room, they speak first about your personality.

A solid route to go if you’re unsure about where you stand on this important issue is to emulate the best T-shirts worn by your favorite movies. That way, when someone asks you about your fashion choice, you can shrug: “It’s from [your favorite] movie.” It’s the fastest way to say something without saying anything.

Here are 30 options from which to choose.

Napoleon Dynamite – Vote For Pedro


Considering the recent election, you may have missed your best chance to make multiple statements with this T-shirt. Don’t give up. The powers that be are sure to present us with equally charming options for the next election. In four years you can slap this shirt on your chest like you have an opinion.

The Avengers – Black Sabbath

As if we needed more proof that Tony Stark is cool. He made Iron Man for the love of Pete. I could think of a better song than “Headless Cross” when going into battles. The acoustics in the suit have to be premium.

Forrest Gump – Have A Nice Day


The precursor to emoji, the smiley face came out of nowhere in the 20th century. If you believe the movie Forrest Gump, the title character created it when he said, “it happens” in this scene. The it he was talking about was sh*t, not emoticons. So confusing.


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