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There are literally hundreds of new t-shirt businesses started every single month. Most of them fail within the first year. We choose to work with similar mind-sets and help them leverage TeeHunter to achieve their goal.

Here's what some awesome people are saying

Elizabeth Cloyd, TeePublic.com

  We love working with TeeHunter! Not only do they drive tons of traffic to TeePublic they also bring more attention to our artists through their new platform. TeeHunter's giveaways and promotions are innovative and effective. In short viva TeeHunter!

Alisa, DesignByHumans.com

  Our experience with TeeHunter has been phenomenal. They are not only good people, but they are fun people. It’s very evident that they are passionate about t-shirts and promoting art. The service and personal attention is extraordinary.


Why TeeHunter

Simply put, we’re the largest t-shirt blog and curator on the web. The ROI via our marketing and advertising packages is unbeatable by the traditional AdWords / FB ads. We provide users with great t-shirts, coupon codes, and promotions; while brands connect with their perfect audience of t-shirt lovers.


Pageviews each month

We have a track record of steadily growing traffic. All natural, and all because what we’re doing is in line with what our readership needs.


Unique visitors

The perfect balance between t-shirt lovers and actual graphic designers.
60% male.
80% within the 18-30 age, young audience
Interests: Video Games, Shopping, Tech


Engaging content

People easily find the right t-shirt on TeeHunter. We have a savvy audience that is engaged with our content.


GEO Distribution

The vast majority of our vistors are from the USA. They are considerably leading the geographical distribution of TeeHunter (44.56%).
The next contenders are UK (9.56%), India, Germany and Italy
Is this your pool of customers? Yes, it is!


How does it work?

Brand page

We create your landing page on TeeHunter’s brand section. This contains information and a personal touch about your brand. We’ll then use the brand page to attach any t-shirt submitted from your shop. Rich Media, Videos, Mission statement, Direct Linking - All included.

Example of a succesful brand page: DesignByHumans


Submit t-shirts

At this point, once the brand page is ready, t-shirts can be submitted from our platform. Anyone can: you, your fans, your designers. As long as the URL matches your store, we’ll have it in our gallery.

How many t-shirts? Infinite. Make sure to upload your best ones.


We use #Hashtags

To insert your t-shirts within our blog articles, both in the popular ones and in future articles, tag them on submission, and we take care of the rest. It’s like you inherited all of the awesomeness we created so far.


Brand packages

Brand presence

Price: $199/yr

Brand page

Submit ∞ t-shirts

Inclusion in T-Shirt Search Engine

Customer Service with Setup and Troubleshooting


Brand premium

Price: $399/yr

Brand page

Submit ∞ t-shirts

Inclusion in T-Shirt Search Engine

Customer Service with Setup, Troubleshooting and Continued Support

Featured Introduction on Facebook


Inclusion in Blog Posts and Collections

Featured Artist(s) Interviews



Brand managed

Price: $1799/mo

Recommended: This package is recommended for very large t-shirt brands and it consists of everything mentioned in the brand premium package, plus a dedicated person from TeeHunter to join your team as a "COO for hire", handling strategic accounts, growing the affiliate base and business overall. We have sold 1/2 packages currently.


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Got questions?

What's the next step after payment
As soon as we get the payment notification, we'll reach out to you in order to grab all the media files, logo, and details that will help us craft the best brand page ever. This is typically between ~5mins-24hrs from the payment.
How do I submit my t-shirts
Sign up for an account at TeeHunter; and from your dashboard, you have the possibility to submit the t-shirt.
I run a site where multiple artists contribute, can they also submit t-shirts
Definitely! In fact, this is how major networks like TeePublic and DesignByHumans are using TeeHunter right now. Their artists submit t-shirts all the time. As long as the URL of the t-shirt is from your brand, we'll get it live.
Can I pay monthly instead of yearly
Unfortunately not
If I purchase a brand premium, how do I get the discount for banner ads
You let us know and we're going to create a custom coupon code for our BuySellAds listing
What's the single most vital factor for great performance on TeeHunter
We genuinely love chatting with brand owners and understanding the best route to help them out. I'd say communication is the most important factor, so email often, keep in touch and we'll make this happen
That sounds amazing, I'm in
Thank you, hit the purchase button and let's get to work!


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